What Is This Box On The Wall

A new project came to completion in our household!

My youngest son came to me a while ago asking for a desk to do his homework on. He also wanted a place where he could put his crayons and various art supplies. We have a playroom where objects dedicated to all things kids reside. The room consistently looks like an earthquake just happened and nothing is in its place. This includes my youngest son’s art supplies! I guess in his mind, if he asks for a desk to hold his miss-placed items, it will get him out of cleaning the playroom.

His request got me intrigued. I believe having a dedicated space to do homework is just as important as having laces in tennis shoes. They kind of go together! So I began researching children’s desks.

Since the room I would put this said desk also serves as my office, and a guest bedroom, I didn’t want anything too bulky and intrusive. This is exactly what I kept coming across. The kids desks were either too big or just too dang colorful! I don’t think my son will want a purple and green desk when he is in college. (Yes, he will still be living at home with his mama while in college. I already had this talk with him, even though he is eight, and he agrees!)

So my dilemma of finding a small, compact, kids desk was becoming difficult. At least until I searched around on Pinterest! I am telling you, Pinterest is like the Wizard in “The Wizard of Oz!” It houses the answer to every quandary a person may have and solves it with pictures! Genius I say!

I found what I was looking for on Pinterest so I printed it out and showed it to my son. He approved it and then took the picture to Papa and asked if he could make it. Of course Papa can make it! Papa can make anything! A few months later and look at what he made.

what is this box on the wall

What is this box on the wall you ask? Well it’s a very special box indeed. Take a look and see what this box can do!

what is this box on the wall

It transforms into a handy-dandy, compact kids desk that doesn’t take up much space in a multipurpose room – AND it’s not purple and green! This desk will transition through the years and someday house a laptop instead of crayons and coloring books, but not for a while.


Just look at how studious my boy looks while reading at his new desk! I can foresee a lot of math problems being solved at this desk over the years!

Thanks Papa for making a perfect desk to suit this boy’s needs. You really can build anything!

2 thoughts on “What Is This Box On The Wall

  1. Holly Piechuta

    I remember my first desk. It actually motivated me to do my homework right after school. Fantastic work! Keep on studying!


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