Two Brothers


There is nothing better than watching two brothers walk along the seashore.

Especially when those two brothers happen to be my sons.

There is nothing these two wouldn’t do for each other. Really, in the grand scheme of life, they do look out for one another.

They are only 2-1/2 years apart in age and they share a lot of similarities albeit, they are also very different. For instance,

My oldest enjoys waking up before 8 a.m. because he doesn’t want to let too much of the day slip by. My youngest, he sleeps as long as he can (or at least until his older brother wakes him since he is convinced that he will sleep the day away).

My youngest loves any kind of sport and wants to play it. He has an abundant amount of energy and natural athleticism. What ever the season is at the moment, my baby is out playing that sport. He even believes that when he is older and of working age, he wants to work in a sporting goods store just until his pro basketball contract is signed. My oldest is really only about one kind of sport, baseball. Second base in particular. Both boys love wearing ball caps.

When it comes to playing games on their electronic devices they probably differ the most. My youngest is all up in the latest Madden game while the oldest is coding a new block in Minecraft. Don’t even get me started on Minecraft. That is something I try very hard to understand but to no avail, I am clueless. On YouTube, one is watching a review on the latest game craze, while the other is cracking up over a Dude Perfect video. So different!

All-in-all these two brothers are best friends. They can be found outside playing a round of basketball together, or practicing their pitching skills. They love having light saber battles, as a matter of fact, who doesn’t love having light saber battles? We often have family battles where mom is most likely the target.

I pray these two brothers remain close, and never stop being differently the same.

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