The Wall


No, this is not a blog post about Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

That’s for another time. Maybe.

This IS a blog post about my wall though. My dining room wall to be exact! We transformed it into a rustic, lodge like, steakhouse style, country living kind of wall – and I love it.

You see, we have this pile of pine boards just lying around waiting to be transformed into something spectacular. The wood is dried out and full of knots and some boards are discolored. Someone might walk by a pile of boards like these and say, “Look Ernie, do you see that pile of old, rotten, warped pine over there? What in the world would any one want a bunch of knotty old pine boards hanging around for?”

Well Ernie, I’ll tell you what to do with a bunch of knotty pine boards. You can make a sandbox, or a treehouse, or a pirate ship, or a dog house, or a goat house, or an ark, or even cover an existing wall in your house turning your dining room into a fancy restaurant! That Ernie is what you can do with old pine boards!

the wall

I had this idea for a long time and I told my hubby about it. He kind of rolled his eyes and groaned then smiled, “is this going to be added to my honey-do list then too?” Since my hubby doesn’t have a very long honey-do list, I thought adding this little project wouldn’t be that much trouble.

I did most of the work any way. I picked out each board individually ensuring that each plank had enough “character” for the wall. I loaded them up into the pick up truck and unloaded them at the saw mill. I also polyurethaned each board and laid them out in the sun to dry. I think I did my fair share don’t you think?

All my beloved had to do was cut em’ and shoot em’ up on the wall. He even got to use the manly nail gun! The above photo is the wall in progress. Notice the craftsmanship! Notice the placement of each board! Notice how straight they are! Notice…okay you get the picture.

I really love the way this project turned out. It gave the dining room a whole new look and a whole new scent! Whenever I walk by, it smells like a log cabin in the forest.

My honey did well, don’t you think?

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