The Pains of Learning To Play Guitar

Who knew learning how to play the guitar would be so painful?

Ouch, I just started to, ow, learn how to play the guitar. I can’t believe how wimpy my fingertips are, ouch! I never realized that musicians must condition themselves much like athletes. I didn’t take into consideration (when making my New Year’s resolution) how my fingers would feel as they press down metal cheese cutting wire onto a wooden surface!

I have expressed my painful woes to my music teacher friend. She laughed and said that I need to develop callouses on my fingertips and until this happens, I must persevere! Ouch, persevere for how long is the question.

I have been practicing for about a week now and I’m wondering if these thin indentations on my fingertips are going to be permanent? What about the throbbing, is this normal? Will that eventually go away?

All I’m saying is, I love the progress I’m making however, I would really like to be able to tie my shoes again without wincing in pain. Ouch!

The pains of learning to play guitar. Hey, maybe I’ll turn that phrase into a song, as soon as I learn how to play and once I can feel my fingertips again.

One thought on “The Pains of Learning To Play Guitar

  1. Joe Beebs

    Martain makes strings called “Silk and Steel” which are much softer for beginners! They have a softer sound as well. I reccomend giving those a try when it is time to replace your strings!
    Your fingers will get calluses in time and you won’t feel much pain anymore (unless you play for hours on end).
    Once you start to learn barre chords you will experience a new and exciting pain in your left hand! You have more muscles in your hand than you may realize!
    Enjoy your journey. The pain goes away all too soon!


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