Simply Wine

simply wineI don’t call myself a wine expert by any means.

I have never taken a wine tasting class and I am far, far away from having the knowledge of a sommelier!

I did however take a wine glass class once. I learned how the same wine can taste all together different in different shaped glasses. Because of this class, I have a variety of wine glasses all dedicated to certain types of wine. It’s cool, I know! I have a hefty wine cork collection too!

I love dry red wine the most, however, I do enjoy crisp whites in the summer months. My favorite red is the very handsome and heroic Cabernet Sauvignon with the bold and boisterous Syrah coming in second. Malbec is right up their with Syrah and I probably like them the same.

Red blends are a staple in our house because that is a red that both my husband and I can enjoy together. He doesn’t like the oaky notes of most of my cab’s, so blends are a nice change.

In the WINE category of My Take, you can read up on all of the latest wines we have enjoyed, and laugh at my expertise. I give each wine an unofficial Andrea’s Vista wine score. If you want, you can try these same wines yourself and see if my score matches yours!

It’s just Simply Wine.

simply wine