Do you enjoy simple home cooking?

simple home cooking

When my husband and I were dating I warned him that I was not much of a cook, therefore, if we ever got married, he would be the one preparing the meals. I wasn’t trying to scare him off, I was only giving him a heads up in case he was thinking about popping the question. My confession didn’t phase him and once we were married, he had no problem cooking!

It wasn’t until four years later when our first son was born, that I felt a passion for cooking begin to take hold of me. I learned by a lot of trial and error. I practiced with all kinds of recipes. My passion grew into a hobby and a true love for food.

A very special part of Andrea’s Vista is the Recipe section. These are like family heirlooms to me. Treasures really. Here you will find recipes from family members who are remarkable┬áto me. The recipes I select carry fond memories both past and present. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Share a family member and a recipe with me if you like. I would love to hear about them and why they are so special to you!

Be sure to click on My Take and browse my Simple Food category. I hope you find some inspiration or recipes you would like to make for your family.

Happy simple home cooking!