Simple Gardens

The joy of backyard gardening

rhodedendron_closeIt all started with orchids. Those finicky, tempermental, moody, attitude adjusting, stubborn, yet gorgeous, delicate, exotic, surreal orchids! I tried with all my might to raise just one simple dendrobium with all the tender loving care I could muster up. Sadly, every orchid I tried to foster ended up in a brown, slimy, leafless stick. Needless to say, dendrobium orchids did not want to live with me so I gave them up for good.

Then my mother brought me a hibiscus tree to love and nurture as my own. This ended up in a disaster as well because soon after she left my home the leaves started to shrivel up and fall off! The blasted tree ended up at my mother’s house and it is thriving and full of pink flowers! Ugh.

So, why do I love gardening so much you ask? Well it turns out that I actually figured out how to keep plants alive! I discovered plant food! I also did a little research too and practiced with all sorts of varieties of flowers and vegetables. I can also blame it on the fact that I am stubborn, and no plant is going to get the best of me! Really.

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