Odds ‘N Ends that catch my attention

odds n ends

I consider this my “mud room.” If you have a mud room in your home, you will relate!

The mud room in my home is a vital part of my family’s stuff. It contains lego’s, shoes, crayons, screw drivers, Macy’s food, hats, stray Cheerios, my boys’ artwork, and of course…mud. If we didn’t have this room in our home, we wouldn’t know where to put all of our miscellaneous stuff. On that note, my Odds ‘N Ends category will house all of the miscellaneous ideas I find or dream up.

If I come across something that is shiny, colorful, creative, shiny, makes me say, “I wish I thought of that” or “I can totally do that”, shiny, looks yummy, or is just beautiful I will post it in My Take under the Odds ‘N Ends category. I may also come up with ideas of my own and post them there too.

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