My New Favorite Chip

I found a new love and it happens to be a super hero.

my new favorite chip

This super hero whom I am in love with happens to be a vegetable. Yes, I said a vegetable.

Except this vegetable heroically transforms into a tasty, addictive, crispy, crunchy snack! A snack I have become addicted to! Yes, a vegetable that has become addicting to eat, you read that right.

This here my friends is a beautiful pile of crunchy raw kale.

my new favorite chip

With a little olive oil and Mrs. Dash sprinkled on top, a pop into the oven at 375 degrees for 12 minutes, and this kale is transformed into a tasty treat.

my new favorite chip

My new favorite chip, the KALE CHIP! It’s so delicious. So crunchy! So crispy! So easy to make and not to mention, so healthy! Move over potatoes, there is a new chip in town!


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