My Mother

mombuttonMy mother and I are best friends.

She is a lovely person inside and out. We are very alike in many ways. I even look like her and I have been told this by complete strangers, “you couldn’t deny you are mother and daughter!” is what we have been told. She is always there for me to hug, talk to, throw ideas by, offer guidance and encouragement. We share the same thoughts and the same tastes in clothes and shoes. One time I randomly bought a pair of open toed, strappy heals and I wore them to an event we were both at. She noticed my shoes and said, “I just bought that same pair yesterday!” Sometimes I think we can read each other’s minds. There are a number of recipes she makes that I just love. Recipes I remember eating as a kid and having the same reaction to the taste even now! Yum! My hubby loves her meatloaf recipe. Until he met my mother many years ago, he wouldn’t touch meatloaf. Now, when he knows she is making it, he can’t wait until we go over to her house for dinner.

Here are some of my favorites from mama.

Three Bean Pesto Salad

Mom’s Meatloaf

Paczki (The REAL Polish doughnut!)

Cabbage and Noodles