My Favorite Jewelry

my favorite jewelry

Some women love diamonds. Some women love emeralds.

I happen to love pop beads and clay pendants.

I also love rubber band bracelets and bracelets that say, “I love you to the moon and back.”

Pink stone necklaces and precious faux crystals make my heart melt. These are my favorite jewelry pieces and they are priceless to me.

Why do I love these things you ask? Because every kind of accessory I wear has come from my boys in one way or another. Whether they bought it from the “Mini Mall” at school, or made it with their own two hands in art class, I wear it proudly.

Sure my hubby has spoiled me with beautiful baubles in the past, and these I love dearly of course. There is something special about the small, sparkly, $5 rings my boys give to me as gifts that bring tears to my eyes.

It might not be the actual jewelry itself that I completely treasure, but the expression on my boys faces. The sly, proud, yet slightly embarrassed smile they show me when I open the mysterious box revealing the turquoise hippopotamus ring. Yes ladies be jealous, I got one of those!

It seems that when my children gift me with a treasure they pick out themselves, somehow a natural gentleman like trait appears. They have exceptional taste I must admit!

From the looks of the jewelry collection I am accumulating, my boys are going to make their future spouses very happy!

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