My Aunt Mary

auntmaryAunt Mary was considered the matriarch
of my family.

She was the glue that held all the rest of us together. Her sweet spirit and dedication to her family and life was unmatched by anyone I know. I miss her greatly and I think of her often. I can remember vividly, memories as a child growing up right next door to Aunt Mary and my Uncle Eddie. I so enjoyed watching her in the kitchen cooking and baking. I loved it when she would save the spatula or mixer beaters for me to lick the cake batter off of. I can still remember the smell of apple pie baking in the oven. Sometimes she would make a small individual apple pie just for me! I have never tasted pie crust so flaky and light that matched hers. I attribute my love for baking to Aunt Mary
because she taught me well through her warm and patient personality and through the love for her family.

Some of my fondest recipes come from Aunt Mary, here they are.

Seven Layer Salad

The BEST Homemade Apple Pie

Applesauce Cake

Potato Pancakes