My Aunt Lou

auntlouAunt Lou was the laughter in our family.

She had a way with telling people like it was and telling the truth! With respect of course. Aunt Lou was the kind of person you could ask advice from and she would give it from the heart. She was an ¬†incredible cook and baker. New Year’s day and Easter were her holidays she liked to host. Pork and sauerkraut was a staple at dinner on New Year’s day. I had a special bond with Aunt Lou. Every Saturday for years I used to go over to her house and she would make us lunch. I especially loved it when she cooked sausage patty sandwiches, they were my favorite. I remember the taste and smell of Nescaf√©. I learned to drink coffee at a young age! After Lunch, Aunt Lou and I would always have great conversation. I learned a lot from her. I miss her very much.

Here are some of her recipes I just love!

Potato Chip Cookies

Hamburg Soup