I Love You Because

It started a little over 3 months ago before Valentine’s Day.

I got an idea to surprise my boys by leaving them a note on their bedroom doors. I thought I would leave them a note every day leading up to Valentine’s Day. The note was in the shape of a heart and it started out with the phrase, “I love you because.” Every day I would leave an I love you because heart on their door and waited for them to read it. At first, my loves didn’t know what I was up to and they thought it was kind of crazy.

Every morning I would leave a new heart with a new message. Then one day, I didn’t leave a heart on their doors in the morning. I was running late. It didn’t take long for my oldest to notice and ask me why I haven’t left a heart on his door yet. His question made me realize that the little daily communication method I derived in my head was getting noticed and appreciated! Of course this made my day!

Finally on Valentine’s Day I made a special I love you because heart with an even longer message to each of them. I again left it on their door to read. I intended for this special message to sum up my little game I started weeks ago. It was sort of their Valentine’s Day gift from me. I figured they had had enough of my signature sappy messages to them for a while. I was wrong!


The next day I didn’t put up a heart on their door. When it was time to say our prayers, read, and tuck them into bed for the night, again my oldest asked where his heart message was! I told him that I was only doing that up until Valentine’s Day and now that it’s over, I didn’t think to continue. He just said, “oh okay” and seemed a little down when I told him this. The next morning before they left for school I put up another I love you because heart on their door. I didn’t think they would notice since I told them I was done with it.


Again, I was wrong. They DID notice and they do appreciate the messages, they have come to expect them! So guess what, almost 4 months later and I am still putting up those little hearts on their doors. And every day, they notice and read my message to them. If I missed a day, they notice that too. Now I am not sure when I will stop. I guess when that door is filled, I can move on to their closet? How will I continue to do this when they are in college? I’ll figure that out when the time comes, but for now…

This is my way of letting them know every day, in a unique way, that I love them to pieces! Try this at home with your family!

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