I Believe This To Be My Favorite Sandwich

I have discovered something new about myself. I have a favorite sandwich!

I’ve got a lot of favorites that I already know about like:

I have my favorite shoes = Chuck Taylors
I have a favorite type of wine = Cabernet Sauvignon
I have a favorite song = right now it’s Touch the Sky by United
I have a favorite dessert = pineapple upside down cake
I have a favorite vacation spot = the beach
I have a favorite artist = Raphael Sanzio of Urbino
I have a favorite pair of flip flops = my Sanuks
I have a favorite season = summer

and now…

I have a favorite sandwich 

my favorite grilled

I am in love with this tomato, mozzarella and pesto grilled panino! It’s delicious, simple to make and colorful too.

my favorite unsliced

Start out with a small loaf of ciabatta.

I believe this to be my favorite sandwich

Slice it in half. Isn’t it just lovely?

my favorite pesto

Slather both sides of the ciabatta with pesto sauce. This is my homemade pesto, from my homegrown basil, that I made in my hometown. (Haha, can I use the word “home” one more time in that sentence?)

my favorite pepper

Drizzle olive oil over the pesto bread. Slice up some fresh mozzarella and load it on top of the pesto. Don’t be shy, you know you love fresh mozzarella! Sprinkle on a little salt and freshly ground pepper.

my favorite mozzarella

Next, slice up some fresh basil and sprinkle it on top of the cheese. Oh, it’s looking divine!

my favorite basil

Add a pop of color with some tomatoes. I used grape tomatoes because that’s what was ready in my garden. You can add tomato slices instead if you wish. This baby is looking like the Italian flag to me!

I believe this to be my favorite sandwich

Carefully fold over the top of the ciabatta and gently press down. Oh my, this sandwich looks delicious as it is but, I think it needs a little grilling. Don’t you? Lay it onto a skillet with some olive oil, and grill until the panino gets a little browned and crusty.

my favorite grilled

Remove from the skillet, cut it in half, arrange it for presentation, photograph it…then…

take a bite!

Wow! I believe this to be my favorite sandwich. It’s so full of flavor and the grilled ciabatta packs a nice crunchy bite. I call this the perfect taste of summer!

Godere di questo panino per te! Saluti!

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