Happy Memorial Day

Today we remember.


As I watched our hometown parade this morning, I remember.

As I look into my children’s eyes and see their joy and carefree happiness, I remember.

As I say my prayers and worship freely in my church, I remember.

As I listened to the names read of those fallen heroes in battle who are now buried in my hometown cemetery, I remember.

As I listened to the speaker recite the Gettysburg Address from memory during the Memorial Day ceremony, I remember.

And I remember why I love this country so much. Because of so many veterans who have fought, and are fighting, for our freedom so we can continue to remember.

God bless those who have gone before us in battle, those who have served, and all those who are actively serving our great country. I will continue to remember you.

When I read or hear President Lincoln’s speech, I fight to hold back tears – every time.


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