Frey Organic Vineyard Red

More and more organic vineyards are popping up all over the country, and this is a very good thing!

Not only is it better for the wine lover but also for the earth! Sustainable farming is not a new concept in America. It’s a system that is used on many farms where the crops, animals and the environment is tended to in a humane and environmentally friendly manner. Most of these organic farms have a heritage of passing down a healthy, sustainable farm to their next generation. Wineries are doing this same thing.

Frey organic vineyard red

Recently I had the pleasure of trying this organic red blend from Frey Vineyards in Mendocino, CA. Frey Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery and they publicize this on their website. The Frey family must be a large one because their titles range from General Manager to Biodynamics to Mechanic to Vineyard Manager to even Dr. of Osteopathy! Wow, it seems they have every duty covered with the Frey last name!

I appreciate whenever I come across foods, and drinks in this case, in which the methods of growing, harvesting and producing are organic and healthy for the planet. I choose GREEN as often as I can!

So getting back to this wine I tried. It’s called the Agriculturist. A fitting name for the mission of this vineyard. The color is a deep ruby red with the aroma of cherry and some spice. I could taste cherry and blackberry with a slightly spiced finish. It has a lingering and well rounded aftertaste. As it opened up I could taste more spice and plum but still jammy with those cherry notes. Smooth tannins round out the flavor. A nice compliment to parmesan and sharp cheddar cheese. Oh, and dark chocolate too for some reason!


Here are the specifics on this lovely farm table red:

2013 Organic Agriculturist

Appellation: Mendocino California
Varietal: Blend
Alcohol: 13.6%
Price: $13
Andrea’s Vista Unofficial Score: 6.5 out of 10

Check out their website and find out how they run their sustainable vineyard and farm. It’s very informational and uplifting! Cheers!

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