Does Anyone Else Do This Besides Me

I was in the mood for a burger today.

non burger burger

Not just any burger, a NON-BURGER burger!

So every once in a while I get a craving for McDonald’s. When I say once in a while, I mean once a year. I have no qualms with McDonalds, they are a fine establishment. Truthfully, it’s just that I’m not a fast foodie. Unless it comes to Taco Bell, but Taco Bell is not fast food. Right? Right.

So back to my story. I realized that I was craving MickyD’s so I gave in and made a b-line to the nearest capital M I could find. And by nearest I mean across the street. I drove up to the drive thru line, which by the way was quite a long line. Apparently other people with yearly McDonald’s cravings had the same idea as I had. So I sat and waited  and contemplated my order and before I knew it, my turn was up!

I spoke clearly and directly into the microphone box like I usually do. I told the friendly voice on the other end that I wanted a cheeseburger with everything but the meat and small fries. Immediately I realized why I very rarely frequent the golden arches as I felt a queasy feeling in my stomach. I just knew that once I told the voice that I wanted a cheeseburger without the burger I would begin to hear snickering then full out group laughter. I grit my teeth and closed my eyes as I anticipated the question of, “okay, did you say you wanted a cheeseburger with everything except for the meat? You mean you want a grilled cheese? Meaning you don’t want the burger part of the cheeseburger?”

I was ready to accept the embarrassment I put upon myself by caving into my once a year craving for the McCheeseburger sans burger. I was ready to face the voice at the pay window and hear the laughter coming from the kitchen.

Guess what! I didn’t hear any laughter. I didn’t hear any snickering. The friendly voice didn’t even ask me to repeat my order just for giggles! The voice plainly asked if my screen was right and told me to pull up to the first window where I was greeted with a smile. No embarrassment at all! I was given my little bag of goodness and was wished a fine day. That was that!

Huh! I guess my request didn’t really seem all that odd after all. I wonder though, does anyone else do this besides me? Order burgers without the actual burger at a burger restaurant? I wonder…


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