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Old Moon Zinfandel

old moon zinfandel

Wise in age and established in fruit are characteristics of Old Vine Zinfandel’s

I love Zinfandel wines.

Old vine wines send off a sophisticated and refined characteristic about them. Old vines are seasoned and worldly. Did you know that the same grape vine can grow for over 100 years? Continue reading

2011 Napa Valley First Press

2011 Napa Valley First Press

Napa Valley just keeps cranking out great wines. I am in awe of that region.

I found this one, way back in my wine cellar. Okay, I don’t have a wine cellar (yet), but I did pull this one from way back in my wine rack! I can honestly boast that my wine rack is completely full and it’s a beautiful site! Continue reading

Drops of Jupiter Red Blend

Lately it seems that many famous musicians are turning off their microphones for a bit and making wine.

People like, Dave Mathews, Maynard James Keenan, Boz Scaggs and now Jimmy Stafford, from Train.

I have to admit, I am not one to seek out these “Musician” wines really. I know that the musicians aren’t the ones making Continue reading