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Killibinbin Cabernet

A spicy red with a leathery finish.

This wine from South Australia is somewhat different than what I am used to in a Cabernet. I must confess, I don’t usually pick cabs from “Down Under” very often. I don’t have a reason for that really.

What I noticed with this wine was that allowing it to open up for a few hours was the key. At fist taste, I found it to be a Continue reading

2013 Montes Malbec

Handsome Malbec, you speak to my heart!

The following description comes directly from the Montes website describing their Malbec.

Ruby red color, leaning to dark, intense red. Powerful, but with elegant flavors of plum and blackberry. A lovely butterscotch and slight spiciness is well integrated with subtle notes of vanilla from the oak ageing. A full-bodied wine, with ripe tannins and voluptuous mid-palate and a long, very enjoyable, finish.

2013 Montes malbec

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Woodwork Cabernet

woodwork cabernet

I received this bottle of cabernet sauvignon as a gift recently.

I love getting wine gifts! I love giving wine gifts too!

This was a lovely 2013 cabernet with layers of flavor melding smoothly together. On the nose I could pick up cherry and berry notes. On the palette, I tasted vanilla and juicy red berries. The second taste allowed a hint of cocoa and toasty oak to come through. The more the wine sat, the more the flavors became apparent. Continue reading

Frey Organic Vineyard Red

More and more organic vineyards are popping up all over the country, and this is a very good thing!

Not only is it better for the wine lover but also for the earth! Sustainable farming is not a new concept in America. It’s a system that is used on many farms where the crops, animals and the environment is tended to in a humane and environmentally friendly manner. Most of these organic farms have a heritage of passing down a healthy, sustainable farm to their next generation. Wineries are doing this same thing.

Frey organic vineyard red

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Louis M Martini Gnarly Vine Zinfandel

I like the word Gnarly.

It can be used in many different ways.

Here are some examples I worked up for your reading enjoyment:

That guy is gnarly, he can really ski!
Eww! Look at that gnarly looking bug over there!
She is surfing some gnarly waves, dude!
And so on…and so on… Continue reading

Bold Doesn’t Begin To Describe This Red Blend

Saying this wine is well rounded is an understatement!

chalk hill

No my friend, this red blend will broaden your vocabulary and force you to use descriptors such as:

This bottle of Chalk Hill was given to me by my nephew, who I must say is developing quite a sophisticated wine palette!

Often times red blends can teeter on the fruitier, sweeter side of the brix scale. (Brix is a scale of measurement used in winemaking to determine grape sugar content.) 2011 Chalk Hill Red Blend is a magnificent, dynamic, kick a$$, kind of blend that keeps you wanting to discover its complex layers one at a time. One delicious layer at a time!

On the nose you get a blast of smoke and silky oak. Give the glass a swirl and suddenly the aroma turns into spice and tobacco. On the pallete, immediately you taste blackberry, cocoa and then a smooth oak and vanilla finish.

As the wine opens up in the glass it evolves and the flavors become more pronounced. Like magic you could say! According to the Chalk Hill website, this blend can cellar for 8 to 10 years! Once you experience this label it will be hard to forget about it let alone cellar it. Try if you may!

This here Chalk Hill from Sonoma my friends is true love. Here’s the lowdown!

2011 Chalk Hill Red Blend
Appellation: Chalk Hill in Sonoma County, CA
Varietal: 47% Malbec, 27% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Petit Verdot, 11% Syrah, 3% Carménère
Alcohol: 15.10%
Price: $70
Andrea’s Vista Unofficial Score: 9 out of 10