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Chicken and Shrimp Lettuce Cups

Boston Bibb lettuce is the bomb!

Especially when you stuff it with something yummy, like shrimp and chicken!

Every now and again I get stumped on what to make for dinner for my family. During these moments I turn to my boys for guidance. I present the question, “What do you guys want for supper tonight. Please bestow upon me some ideas!” I just know I’ll get some fantastic suggestions from the three members of my family who have the metabolism of a stealth fighter jet! They eat almost anything! I eagerly await their reply as I know they will have many suggestions! Continue reading

Spinach and Mushroom Brunch Eggs

spinach and mushroom brunch eggsHere is a perfect dish to prepare for a crowd the day before their arrival.

I love to cook brunch, not breakfast. Brunch consists of not just eggs and sausage, but a whole pallette of different foods and ingredients. Breakfast is boring, brunch is a foodies fiesta! Continue reading

When the Leaves Begin To Fall It’s Time to Make Chili

This is the time of the year when the leaves on the trees are struggling to stay on the branches.

I am among the very few people who don’t like this time of the year. Days of enjoying 80 degree weather are becoming few and far between. The garden is beginning to produce less and less of a crop yield. Continue reading

Overwhelmed with Tomatoes Make Pasta Sauce

overwhelmed with tomatoes

Here is the proof that we are swimming in tomatoes!

This was from just one picking! An interesting thing happened after picking these tomatoes. It rained and then the sun came out. Guess what happens when it rains and then becomes sunny?

We get more ripe tomatoes! Continue reading

The Almost Reuben

the almost reuben

I love deli food, especially sandwiches!

The problem for me is, there aren’t many true deli sandwiches on the menu for vegetarians. I came across a great recipe from Food and Wine magazine recently that caught my attention. I was instantly prompted to rip out the recipe and add it to my collection of recipe favorites. Continue reading

Dinner for Four Prepared on the Grill

Our family vegetable garden is producing a plentiful bounty of crops.

This is a blessing and a curse.

To say we are getting a nice yield is an understatement! It’s hard to keep up with the crops in the consuming department. We can’t eat the vegetables fast enough in other words! Continue reading