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Andrea’s Original Bean Burger

I am a bean burger connoisseur!

That just means I have made my share of various bean burger recipes. I know what flavors I like in a bean burger, and when it comes to flashing up beans flavor is key!

So here is Andrea’s Original Bean Burger recipe.

In a food processor add: Continue reading

A Somewhat Blooming Onion

bloomin onion

Our first attempt at blooming an onion turned out to be
un-photogenic but rather tasty!

This must be why so many kitchen gizmos and gadgets are invented on a daily basis. We learned that in order to make our onion show off a presentable “bloom” you need the “blooming onion, petal transforming, slicer dicer” kitchen gadget. Which as the above photo shows, we don’t have that gadget. Continue reading

Happy Fat Tuesday 2016

It’s Fat Tuesday again!

paczki dayEvery year, for 40 years strong, my mother lovingly makes Pączki, and this year was no different. You may recall that last year I wrote a blog post about the pączki tradition we have here in my family. If you are new to my blog, here it is for your reading indulgence.

Happy Fat Tuesday 2016!

Dinner Party with Homemade Gnocchi

I found out recently that making homemade gnocchi isn’t as hard as I thought!

My nephew, Anson and his girlfriend, Holly had us over for dinner a few weeks ago. On the menu was homemade pasta sauce, meatballs and gnocchi. I was happy to witness the actual making of the gnocchi all the while enjoying each other’s company. Our boys were enthusiastically settled into a game of Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the Nintendo.

gnocchi 1

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On To The Second Batch

Tomatoes, tomatoes and still more tomatoes!

In my neck of the woods our spring and early summer were soakers! I mean torrential downpours were the norm and lucky for me, I always got stuck driving in them! We went weeks before the weather cleared up and we actually dried out. It was a real drag around here for sure. As a result, the garden I had hoped for this year was just a glimmer of hope. Continue reading

I Believe This To Be My Favorite Sandwich

I have discovered something new about myself. I have a favorite sandwich!

I’ve got a lot of favorites that I already know about like:

I have my favorite shoes = Chuck Taylors
I have a favorite type of wine = Cabernet Sauvignon
I have a favorite song = right now it’s Touch the Sky by United
I have a favorite dessert = pineapple upside down cake
I have a favorite vacation spot = the beach
I have a favorite artist = Raphael Sanzio of Urbino
I have a favorite pair of flip flops = my Sanuks
I have a favorite season = summer

and now…

I have a favorite sandwich  Continue reading

Arze’s Potatoes

Just a few ingredients make these spuds scrumptious!

I have a beautiful friend named Arze, and she can cook! When I say cook, I mean she will spend all day (usually with her mother) making amazing mediterranean dishes. Arze only uses fresh, authentic ingredients to make the most delectable dishes. Continue reading

My Favorite Italian Salad

my favorite Italian salad

In my opinion, it’s not a salad at all!

I love Panzanella Salad a.k.a Tuscan Bread Salad.

I eat this more as a main course rather than a side dish. It has all of the food groups, minus the meat group and give or take a few other groups, in one bowl. Who needs a main course? Continue reading