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We Call Him Goofy Louie

We have this visitor who stops by every year and perches on our window.

This visitor has been stopping by for years, without fail. We know it’s the same one because he taps on the window to let us know he has arrived. We finally decided to give our guest a name since he likes our window so much.

we call him goofy louie

We call him Goofy Louie! I don’t know enough about Cardinals to say that his behavior is normal or not. All we know is, he returns every year around this time and he sits on our arched window trim and repeatedly pecks at the window. It’s like he’s announcing to us that he is back in some kind of Morse Code bird language! Continue reading

Time to Bring Back the Hats

bring back the hats

There was a time, long ago, when women wore fashionable hats out in public. Hats were considered “in vogue” and “cool.”

Once upon a time, hats were bought and kept in a box too! Those boxes are now collectors items, more so than the hats that were in them!

I am going to start a fashion movement to bring back the hats! It’s time to dig through our closets and find those hat boxes (with hats in them) that our grandmothers and great aunts gave to us years ago! Brush off the dust and wear them proudly with our, I guess, jeans?

I found this great hat maker on Etsy the other day. I love her hats and I am deciding on which one to get.

We don’t need to go to Kentucky, once a year, during a famous horse racing event to wear hats. Let’s wear them to football games, little league games, the grocery store, the beach, or shopping even!

It’s time to bring back the hats! Who’s with me?

A Masterpiece Painted by a Sculptor

If you would have asked Michelangelo Buonarroti if he considered himself a painter, his answer would most likely be, “no.”

He may have even said, “good heavens, not a chance! I am a sculptor!”

Then why in the world can a sculptor paint something that is considered to this day, to be an Italian masterpiece? Because Michelangelo was a masterful artist, proficient in both the paint brush and the chisel.


Continue reading

A Masterpiece from the Italian Renaissance

Filippino Lippi – The Holy Family with St. John the Baptist and St. Margaret

A Masterpiece from the Italian Renaissance

One of my passions in life is studying the art that was created from the Early to High Italian Renaissance. I am a sucker for really old artwork. I am fascinated by the sculptures dating all the way back to the time of the Greeks. I am amazed by the Continue reading

Some People Collect Garden Gnomes

Other people collect Chuck Taylor’s!

chuck taylors

I don’t really collect them. It’s more of an addiction to them (I can admit this)!

I know this is a small collection compared to other adept Converse aficionados but I am just getting started! I know that twelve pairs of the same style shoe doesn’t seem all that strange, but to my practical husband, he calls it crazy. Continue reading

Working On A New Look

I have decided to give a little face-lift to Andrea’s Vista.

working on a new look

It has been a year since I first started this web-blog, so I have decided that it’s time for a little freshening up!

In the next few days, or closer to a week, you will notice some changes. Don’t be alarmed! It’s just the designer in me coming out to shake things up a bit. I like to do that once in a while. The site will still function the same and have the same categories, I just want it to look a bit different.

So to ensure that I don’t get a reputation for being monotonous and boring, I am working on a new look. I hope you will enjoy it!

This concludes my public service announcement. Thank you and have a nice day!

What I Have Learned One Year Later

Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog, Andrea’s Vista!

Oh how time does fly.

First birthday cupcake


When I first set my mind on the idea of creating a website for myself, I was unsure of what purpose it would hold. I kept asking myself, “what in the world can I write about on an ongoing basis that people will want to read?” It’s not like I am a famous person nor have I invented anything or come up with a cure for a disease. So what does little ol’ me have to offer the internet world? Continue reading