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The Pains of Learning To Play Guitar

Who knew learning how to play the guitar would be so painful?

Ouch, I just started to, ow, learn how to play the guitar. I can’t believe how wimpy my fingertips are, ouch! I never realized that musicians must condition themselves much like athletes. I didn’t take into consideration (when making my New Continue reading

I Have Been Taking a Long Hiatus

I apologize for the lack of writing as of late.

Even though I have not written a blog for like 84 or 97 days, rest assured I have been compiling a file folder with lots of recipes, family events, and of course wines I have tried.

Once I get my life back on track again (aka, attending sporting events, chauffeuring to practices of said sporting events, working, planning art lessons, washing my hair, getting my yard ready for winter, conversing over a glass of wine with my hubby, and other to-do items) I’ll be back on a regular basis.

Until then…


I promise!

Dear Banquet Room and Conference Center Chefs


Dear banquet room and conference center chefs,

I will start out by saying that I write this post in a most sincere manner. I highly regard your culinary knowledge and skills, and in no way am I diluting your cookery abilities. Continue reading

The Wall


No, this is not a blog post about Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

That’s for another time. Maybe.

This IS a blog post about my wall though. My dining room wall to be exact! We transformed it into a rustic, lodge like, steakhouse style, country living kind of wall – and I love it. Continue reading

Is It A Duck Or Just A Potato

We planted potatoes in our garden for the second year in a row.

We also harvested potatoes from our garden for the second year in a row.

Never have I harvested a potato, and it comes out of the ground looking like something other than a potato, until now.

This potato is worthy of a blog post so continue reading.

is it a duck or just a potato

Continue reading

What Is This Box On The Wall

A new project came to completion in our household!

My youngest son came to me a while ago asking for a desk to do his homework on. He also wanted a place where he could put his crayons and various art supplies. We have a playroom where objects dedicated to all things kids reside. The room consistently looks like an earthquake just happened and nothing is in its place. This includes my youngest son’s art Continue reading