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Happy Birthday Jim


Today is not April Fool’s Day.

It’s actually my dad’s birthday, Jim. Today is Jim’s day and we celebrate it with cake and homemade cards and that’s no joke! Today in our family, there’s no pranking going on. 

Tomorrow on the other hand is another story! 

Happy Birthday Jim! Have a great day, we love you!

Little League Equipment Additions

It’s that season again!

The season of growth and I’m not talking about trees or flowers or even the grass. I am talking about the season of growth where you begin to notice that your kids have done it…over the winter!

A year ago I posted a blog about little league season starting back up. I also included photos of the equipment that was purchased to gear up for little league season. You can read that post at the end of this blog if you want to reminisce! I Continue reading

I Love School Projects That Involve Cooking

school project

Helping our children with their school projects can be a grueling undertaking!

Especially since mom and dad are the ones doing the most work!

Recently our oldest son brought home another project rubric. When I saw it I groaned and rolled my eyes (on the inside of course because I didn’t want my son to see that I was dreading this). It’s called the “inside voice complainer” and  Continue reading

We Call Him Goofy Louie

We have this visitor who stops by every year and perches on our window.

This visitor has been stopping by for years, without fail. We know it’s the same one because he taps on the window to let us know he has arrived. We finally decided to give our guest a name since he likes our window so much.

we call him goofy louie

We call him Goofy Louie! I don’t know enough about Cardinals to say that his behavior is normal or not. All we know is, he returns every year around this time and he sits on our arched window trim and repeatedly pecks at the window. It’s like he’s announcing to us that he is back in some kind of Morse Code bird language! Continue reading

Reasons Why I Can Tolerate Winter

If you have been following my blog for some time, you will know one thing about me. I don’t like winter!

Until recently.

You see, in my neck-of-the-woods we got quite a bit of snow. This is not out of the ordinary. We always get a lot of snow during the winter, I just seem to block it out every year. This year was no different.

Normally at this time of the year, I am curled up in a blanket with my fleece and fuzzy slippers on, sipping hot green tea on the sofa. Dreaming of warmer days and the sounds of the ocean waves hitting the sandy shore. I painted a nice picture didn’t I? Continue reading

My New Year’s List

my new years list

I was thinking about the beginning of another year and I ended up making a list.

I have to admit that on New Year’s Eve, I can’t help but feel a little melancholy about another year coming to an end. I am not a pessimistic person at all, rather I am more nostalgic and sentimental. I think about the year that has passed and I reminisce about all that happened, both good and bad. Continue reading

Real Men Make Mickey Mouse Waffles

We got a new waffle maker for Christmas.

real men make wafflesIt isn’t your average square waffle maker. Nope, it makes waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse. My hubby is a champion breakfast maker in our family. I am proud to say that I cook all other meals in the day except for breakfast. That is his territory and I don’t touch it!

real men make mickey mouse wafflesWhen we opened this mouse shaped waffle maker, my beloved announced that, “tomorrow boys, I am making breakfast!” Never did he hesitate. Nor did he scoff. No, he did not laugh or snicker at the concept of making waffles into a cartoon character. Instead he lit up and enthusiastically proclaimed that he can’t wait to use our new gadget. He then claimed the next day’s morning meal as his own.

mickey-waffleThis is the same man who runs 4 miles, four times a week and bench presses large oak trees. This is the same man who racks fire hose and rushes into burning buildings to squelch the flames. Yep, the same man who can successfully do multiple pull-ups.

My hubby is a real man, and real men make MIckey Mouse waffles without hesitation.

Just sayin’.

The Mission – To Find the Perfect Tree

to find the perfect tree

Every year at this time we bundle up in our winter gear consisting of boots, snow pants, coats, hats, gloves, scarves – oh and long johns!

Why you ask? Well it’s tree trimming time! Say that five times fast, haha!

Every year we go on a Mission. The Mission – to find the perfect tree!

We love to trek out into nature to find the quintessential Christmas tree to adorn our Continue reading

Fall Fun and Yard Work

fall fun

I love it when my boys pitch in around the yard.

I know that the only reason they choose to help out with chores, is because it gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

I know my children would rather be helping out with raking leaves, pulling out dead annuals, or winterizing the lawn mowers, instead of playing. Continue reading