Another Box Checked Off On To Do List

We have been busy here on the homestead!

Isn’t it funny how all of a sudden when an idea pops into your mind, that idea seems so easy to accomplish?

In your mind.

Until you put that idea into action, physically.

We did something of the sort recently. Turned an idea into action. The overall outcome turned out wonderful. The process we had to go through to get to wonderful, painful and tiring!

We had an idea to build a fire pit and stone patio. This made all the sense in the world, we live in the woods hence plenty of firewood. Eager to set forth and put our idea into action, we soon began to reconsider our decision.

After geographically mapping out the size and shape of our patio and fire pit, shovels then appeared. Looking at the ambitious size of the spray painted peninsula of grass before us, we decided we needed something bigger than shovels. We needed the trusty John Deere. Excitedly I said in my outside voice, “this is going to be a piece of cake!” I believe with those few words spoken, I jinxed our project. Big Green, aka, John Deere, did the trick with scraping the sod off of the open areas, it was too big to get in the curves and the corners. This left us with a LOT of sod scraping with those aforementioned shovels.

Here is a list of what managed to transpire next.

  • 64 palm blisters later, the sod was scraped off the surface of the earth. This took like 6 years by hand. Okay, not really 6 years but at least 6 days.
  • The original size of the project shrunk by about 1/3 because of the sheer nastiness of scraping off layers of sod and developing grapefruit sized blisters. Oh, and sweating. Lots of sweating.
  • Now that the grass was gone, we needed rocks to put in its place. Where were the rocks? Near the project right? That would make the most sense, but no. The large, heavy rocks were about 100 yards away. No problem, we have a wheelbarrow.
  • Severe back pain ensued as we used the helpful wheelbarrow to haul 12,000 pounds of rock 100 yards away to our project site about 50 times over. Are you doing the math here?
  • A loving phrase of, “Whose idea was this anyway? I am sure it was yours, dear. Didn’t I say we were done with projects? What were you thinking? Don’t ever ask me to help you with your ideas any time soon. My back will never recover from this one.” were spoken.
  • A potential hernia from hauling boulders in a wheelbarrow.
  • A few smashed fingers while placing rocks in place like a big puzzle.
  • Sore knees from kneeling on the placed rocks.
  • A beer or two or a case to numb our sore bodies after a day’s work.

Two weeks later, our project finally came to completion. We placed our last rock. Swept in the final layer of sandstone. Put away all our tools. We finally stood back and admired our blood, sweat and more sweat, and actually admitted with our outside voice, “This wasn’t so bad after all.”

I’m not allowed to ever suggest another project involved in digging up grass sod again. Ever.
It was all worth it though! Now, to get that chiropractor appointment.

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