A Somewhat Blooming Onion

bloomin onion

Our first attempt at blooming an onion turned out to be
un-photogenic but rather tasty!

This must be why so many kitchen gizmos and gadgets are invented on a daily basis. We learned that in order to make our onion show off a presentable “bloom” you need the “blooming onion, petal transforming, slicer dicer” kitchen gadget. Which as the above photo shows, we don’t have that gadget.

We went the old-fashioned route and just used a boring old kitchen knife to cut the wedges. I think it looks like a flipped over sea creature!

Nevertheless, once the ol’ onion was dipped in batter and fried in hot oil, we quickly forgot about how it looked and focused on how it tasted. It happened to taste great for that matter! Especially when we dipped the “petals” or “sea creature legs” in a spicy/tangy¬†sauce.

Our somewhat blooming onion turned out to be a delicious appetizer to a summertime picnic dinner. Speaking of kitchen gadgets, I wonder if anyone invented the potato eye remover/chip maker yet? Hmm, something to think about perhaps!



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