A Great Day For Flying

a great day for flying

Memorial Day weekend was a very productive and a very busy weekend for us.

To celebrate the long holiday weekend, we decided to fly a kite. Or in this case, attempt to fly a kite!

The day was beautiful, about 80 degrees and sunny with gusts of wind at times. My mother had the perfect idea to go out and fly a kite! Yes, it’s a great day for flying!

The conditions were just right. The sun was out. The temperature was splendid. We had the perfect kite. What else did we need to make this kite flying activity a go?

a great day for flying

WIND! Yes, we needed consistent winds, which is what was lacking at the very moment. It seemed that the gusts of wind just weren’t enough to get the kite high enough in the air to keep it flying. This resulted in some frustration but no one was giving up!


It also resulted in some discussion about the design of the kite and the logistics of the wind needed to make the flying part successful. A decision was made that the tail needed to be adjusted. Yes, this would help matters for sure!

a great day for flying

Well it seems that the tail adjustment was nothing more that to assist in the loop-di-loop maneuver which played out perfectly. It did nothing in the way of helping the kite get into the air, which is the point of kite flying! The only logical thing to do now was to wait for the perfect gust of wind, then run like crazy and hope the kite takes flight.

a great day for flying

Guess what? It worked! The kite flew beautifully for about 10.7 seconds then crashed to the ground when the winds stopped. This was all we needed to end a perfect holiday weekend. Kite flying is great fun and exhausting at the same time. Practice makes perfect right?

Now, who wants some ice cream!

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